Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corn Dance at San Ildefonso Pueblo

Event: September 11, 2011; Updated: 17 Sept 2011

Corn Dance on plaza at Pueblo

Having been invited by Elmer and Deborah Torres to attend the pueblo's annual autumn harvest thanksgiving corn dance and then to a meal following, I arrived early (while Birgitta attended Church in Los Alamos) to sit on their pueblo gift shop porch adjacent to the north plaza and wait for the festivities to begin. It was scheduled to begin at about 10:00 A.M. but actually began an hour later.

While waiting, a couple of foreign visitors came to the gift shop, not knowing what was about to take place. They were Yoram and Dafi Horowitz from Israel. It was a pleasure to discuss the pueblo and Los Alamos, as well as learn about their country, professions and attitudes. Yoram is a computer software executive; Dafi is a social worker. We agreed to keep touch.

After the dances began, Deborah came to meet her guests, while Elmer sang with the chanting men. All the guests were invited to a meal at their home nearby, an unexpected pleasure for the Israeli visitors.

During a rest break in the dances, I left to get Birgitta in Los Alamos after her church meeting. We also were treated to a delicious meal at the Torres' home together with another couple, George Marquez and Lisa, who had come up from Albuquerque.

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