Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LAPS Superintendent Schmidt rides my bus!

Event: Tuesday morning, 16 August 2011; Updated: 20 Aug 11

Rex, Eugene & Gene at the annual LAPS kickoff breakfast
When I reported for work this morning, the second day of school, imagine my surprise to be told by the transportation supervisor that the Los Alamos Public Schools superintendent was waiting for me on my bus! I wasn't expecting him for another two days. He was delivering on his promise to me made two years ago when he first came to Los Alamos and shook my hand at the kickoff breakfast for the new school year of 2009. At that time I made him aware that we had the same name (!) [Kovalenko is a Ukrainian version of "smith"] and that I was a school-bus driver.

Following that breakfast, in the Smith Auditorium, Dr. Schmidt presented to all employees his vision for the school during his tenure. Above is a pic of him and me with the new middle school principle Rex Kilburn at the annual breakfast on August 8, 2011.

If Our Hearts Are Right... was the slogan Dr. Schmidt presented in 2009 as his vision for LAPS. "If only this were more than rhetoric", I remember thinking back then and looked forward to discussing this very point some day when we finally met. That day came last Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

Schmidt's 2009 Vision

As we traveled on bus #139 to my first morning pickup on Los Pueblos Street, I mentioned this slogan: Was it more than rhetoric? He was quick to assure me that it was indeed sincere and was pleased that I remembered it. With that we launched into a most exciting, far ranging conversation, beginning with the subject of dreams as "pictures of the heart that parallel our waking life". Was he interested to discuss that subject with me sometime as applying to his slogan? That he was genuinely interested was heartening! In fact he pledged to arrange such a discussion soon over coffee, once these first days of school settled down. Our discussion would also include the mission of the Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum, Inc.

I look forward to that day!

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