Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Caveman of Atomic City

Micromike and me
Posted: 28 December 2010: Updated: 15 January 2011

On Tuesday, 28 December 2010, I met "The Caveman of Atomic City", who calls himself "Micromike" and is passionate about "gravionics", which is his term to describe reality. We spent over two hours at my place (see photo) and another two at his, which we discovered are only two short blocks apart! Talk about strange and wonderful coincidences, we have met each other in a common space! He would call it gravionic. I would call it spiritual. Our respective goals are similar, but not identical. Both of us recognize the international significance of Los Alamos and want to make a contribution to the transformation of our community. We differ only in our approaches.

We met as a consequence of my reading a letter to the editor in the Sunday (26 Dec) edition of the local newspaper, which was written by Los Angeles film maker Paul Ratner who has made a documentary of micromike's current life and ideas here in the Atomic City. 

New Year's Day, 2011.
So much has happened since writing the above. Much of it will appear in my LADDOF blog, but one thing I wanted to add here is a promise I made myself of adding one of the stories micromike told me about his experience living in his cave on government land. It was about a visit from a hummingbird who sat on a branch of a nearby tree to listen to Mike play his recorder. That was a wonderful enough story all by itself and it reminded me of my own experience of singing with eyes closed to a purring wild bobcat in my lap in a lodge in a forest on Mount Shasta, California many decades ago. But Mike's story became even more miraculous as he continued his tale of the humming bird returning to that very same branch exactly a year later and sitting for 45 minutes without moving as Mike played his recorder again, this time offering his entire repertoire of songs. "Have you ever heard of a hummingbird sitting for so long in one place?" he asked me. Of course I hadn't. And I left my visit with the impression that that little bird would have sat on that branch even longer had Mike known any more pieces to play! :)

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call from London Documentary film maker

Posted:  15 December 2010; Updated: 17 December

This morning (Wednesday, 15 Dec) I returned a call from Sam, a London based documentary film maker, who called to determine my availability in February for an interview regarding a film documentary based on British historian David Stafford's book Spies Beneath BerlinHe was interested to know why I was calling so early (~0500) to which I explained I wanted to return the call well before preparing for a workshop for seniors later in the morning. He pressed to know more about the workshop and became even more interested when I mentioned its connection to an upcoming open forum regarding the legacy of Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project. Perhaps these three projects will evolve into something synergistic?