Thursday, August 30, 2018

Let's talk about NOW...

Posted: 30 August 2018
Updated: 2 Sep 18

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This shared FB post came in this morning (Aug 30) from good friend Joe Dillard:
"A good rule of thumb: spend no more than 5% of your thinking and feeling in the past, in order to learn from it; spend no more than 5% of your thoughts and emotions in the future, setting your priorities, and spend at least a full 90% of your time in the here and how, with each breath, because that is where you live, where you are alive, and where you can make a difference."
When I saw Joe's post, I immediately thought of the most recent letter from my oldest son, which dwells on long ago (1975) in a way that saddens, disappoints and surprises me. That he copied his siblings (except his youngest brother and his mother), their spouses and their mothers felt Absolum-like. Especially how it contrasted to the greatest Fathers' Day card I ever got from him or anyone else just 3 years ago.

Regretfully, I acknowledge now in this space, that I was not in my children's lives when they were small, as they needed me to be. I most regret not being able to rescue son Ivan in 1976, when he was living with my brother and his wife in Colorado Springs in their military household and hating it. (Although I much appreciated my brother's help, I had told Ivan I'd come to get him if the situation became intolerable). 

But now is now! Ivan left us in 1996 to the family's great sorrow, but not before saying goodbye to me in a most meaningful, well-planned way, before I realized he would soon be gone. His death brought the family together for a wondrous week. During that miraculous time we were able to put our resentments, complaints and guilts aside, while we met in the harmony of true community. Nick exclaimed at the end of the week that Ivan's passing had succeeded bringing the family together. Indeed he did. In fact, he continues to visit some of us in our dreams. In my last one of him, he rescued me from a stuck and confusing situation!

All my children have long ago grown up, four of which have their own families, four of which have become grandparents many times over. 

These days I am exploring a new kind of community that is only now coming into its own, which refers to itself in terms of "Exoconsciousness". I will be saying more about this in future posts and hope to share these experiences with those of my family who are willing to join me.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

RPK Phase 2 Experiment Protocol DRAFT 3

Posted: 2 August 2018
 Dear RPK Phase 2 potential influencers, 

Below is DRAFT 3 for our up-coming experiment. Since most main line scientists are skeptical of paranormal phenomena, I have given it to several world class skeptical physicists here, who are associated with the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) with this question: 

Assuming positive results from this protocol, will it constitute irrefutable evidence that the phenomenon of remote psychokinesis (telekinesis) is real? If not, why not?

Once I get their feedback, I will finalize the protocol and launch our experiment. I will contact each of you personally with which time slot, A, B, C, D or E you are asked to fill. This will include a GPS coordinates location of the device and a date in your personal time zone. Results will be reported in terms of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Posted: 1 August 2018
Updated: 3 Aug 18

Forest Setting for Bell Jar Experiment (1972)

Been thinking about the back story of the RPK Experiment. 

Here is link to an essay titled "The concept of Mass", written in early 1972, during the time I was literally living in the forest of Southern Oregon and in process of building a second version of the experiment as I envisioned it back then. (My first version was built at General Atomic, when I was a nuclear materials research scientist in summer 1965. My naive excitement over developing this experiment got me into a lot of hot water at GA! See here for the event that evoked that excitement.) 

This was before I had the idea of two hanging objects, rather than just one. Back then I thought I had to consider screening all possible external unintended physical influences, including electro-magnetic and gravitational forces, from influencing a singular hanging object. Thus, the material of the object within the bell jar had to be non-magnetic, so I chose a quartz object hanging on a quartz spring attached to the inner top of the bell jar. The bell jar sat upon a seismic base (a large concrete post sunk into the ground) to minimize external ground-shaking vibrations, which was to be enclosed within a Faraday cage to block most external electro-magnetic radiations. If I had had the means (which I didn't) to pull a vacuum on the bell jar, I would have done that, too. 

In any case, I was not yet sure what kind of effect I was expecting other than simply getting the object move in a noticeable way. My above mentioned essay gave me a hint: what influence other than "force" could influence the object. Love?? That seemed too far out then and I couldn't imagine how to proceed in that direction regarding things physical.

Little did I know that my preoccupation with the concept of mass was heading towards what we are now considering in the Exoconsciousness movement, i.e., the nature of consciousness

It seems we are now on a path of convergence! 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Remembering Ivan

Posted: 26 July 2018
Ivan on my office wall
(fused glass frame made by his older brother Jim)

This date was Ivan's favorite. He would have been 57 today. In the photo he was in his early 30s.

You were not yet 3 when your grandpa left us, my son. I presume you and he are now together with our family behind veiled scenes. Glad to feel the presence of you both, which will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Recalling "one day..." 53 years ago

Posted: 25 July 2018

It was 53 years ago today, not long after midnight that I awoke on fire with a Presence commanding me to write. I dared not refuse. What came out of me that intense morning--a response to an earnest prayer the previous evening--changed my life forever. 

Just one week earlier I'd been instructed by a gentle, quiet voice that something like this would happen "one day"... Back then, in a struggle to accept the message of this inner voice, I thought "one day" meant "someday".  It has taken decades for me to comprehend the vast difference between one day and somedayThose closest to me back then thought I'd gone mad. Maybe I had. Thirteen years later, on June 8, 1978, I got a surprising confirmation of the difference.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fr. john's Book signing

Posted: 24 July 2018
Updated: 26 Jul 18

Fr. John Hennies is the man who originally inspired this (Orthodox Odyssey) blog, begun in 2008. We met in early 2007, when I began to explore the Russian Orthodox tradition of my Ukraine-born father after he expressed interest in the Mormon tradition of my mother, in which I was born and reared.

I want to introduce readers to his new book "An Examined Life", which will bless anyone who reads seriously.

Fr. John signing a book while his Matushka (wife) looks on
Fr. John has come to Los Alamos, from where he now lives in retirement in South Dakota, to perform a marriage for one of his former parishioners. The current local Orthodox priest thought this would be a good opportunity for Fr. John to share his new book with the community.

Front cover
 I can't say enough good about this caring, fun-loving, serious and devoted man. He and I became firm friends during several  years of weekly meetings where we shared the truths of our respective lives and stories. During our conversations he earned a "doctorate" in Mormonism, whereas I could only muster a 'bachelors' in Russian Orthodoxy, when I was chrismated by him in November 2008 as Arseny-Pavel Kovalenko. 

Back cover
One glance at the back cover will give you a taste of his humor.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

RPK Phase 2 Protocol, Draft 2

Posted: 19 July 2018
Updated: 2 Aug 18

Check out the RPK Experiment, Phase 2 (Yes, some think it is weird!)


RPK Phase 2 Protocol, Draft2

This protocol is offered to talented potential influencers who have volunteered to participate in this on-going experiment. Results will be posted here. 

2 Aug 18. Draft 2 has been deleted since I've updated it with DRAFT 3.